Welcome to River Bend Rice Seed Company

River Bend Rice Seed Company is an agribusiness company specializing in rice & soybean seed production. We are committed to providing a superior quality seed supply to the midsouth producer.

Our office and the majority of our seed production fields are located in McClure, Illinois, just five miles east of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We are the only rice producers in the state of Illinois.  Our fields are approximately 20 miles to the north and east of the traditional rice producing areas in southeast Missouri. This isolated location, combined with intensive management, provides us with the opportunity to produce an extremely clean seed supply. There is no red rice in the rice fields of southern Illinois.

Field monitoring and management is provided by the business owners. Every step we take is directed toward ensuring the best product available. We intend to provide our customers with a dependable, premium quality product and top notch service.

In mid-January 2010 we began production in our expanded seed cleaning facility located in Cairo, Illinois. The former Burkhart Building, located off Sycamore Street, in front of the Bunge Corp property was chosen for it's location and abundance of secure storage areas.

We are proud to provide a quality seed production facility to all the neighboring counties and states. From harvest to the following years planting our company can haul, receive rough product, clean, bag, store and deliver our customers yields.

Please call Troy Martin, our sales representative, for the very competitive prices on corn, rice and soybeans we sell.